Pearl Beauty Powder by zero

Pearl Beauty Powder by zero

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This is food grade 100% pure nano pearl powder, it is so smooth that it is immediately absorbed into your skin. The powder size can pass through 60,000 mesh screen, which is less than 1/100 size of our pores. It is highly absorbable to our skin. Use as a setting powder after makeup or beauty powder before sleep 

Benefits of pearl powder:
It contains 18 types of amino acids and minerals that make its rich content of SOD Actives, which can help breakdown pigmentations, whiten and even skin tone, smooth out wrinkles and, prevent skin cells from again. Pearl powder can also kill acne, remove acne scars, and balance oil productions. It’s it historically used internally and externally as medicine and skincare ingredients in ancient China, especially in the royal families.

  • Read Before Purchase

    • Consult professionals for advice on during/post-pregnancy or allergies prior to purchase. Even natural plants and herbs can trigger certain kinds of medical problems.
    • Zero promotes ‘Heal with Nature’, strengthens and maintains from inside and out, and this is a progress that takes time. Patience is the key to beautiful and healthy skin.
  • Notice

    **All of the ingredients are extracted from plants and herbs from Mother Nature. No artificial preservatives, fragrance, colorants and other additives.

    For compact size:
    Apply on your face like any other setting powder for makeup finish or a matte and silky effect, or use at night as beauty powder in your skincare routine. You won’t regret it if you do so!

    For refill packs:
    - Take 1 tbsp pearl powder and mix well with 1 tbsp milk or any other ingredients; apply a thin layer on face and let sit for 5-10mins. Wash off with warm water. You will find your skin softer and tighter.
    - Consume 1 tsp with milk or other beverages twice a day, it helps cleanses the body and flush out toxins, and it brightens the skin 
    - Add 1g into your skin care products like face oils; lotions; face wash; sunscreens, etc. to enhance the skincare benefits.

  • Ingredient list

    - 100% high-quality pearl powder.

    Available in 3 sizes:
    - 10g in luxurious reusable mesh net setting powder compact
    - 100g refill pack in a reusable glass jar 
    - 300g value pack in a reusable glass jar

  • Process Day

    2-4 Business Days