Lip Kisser - Moisturizing (Rose, Osmanthus) by zero

Lip Kisser - Moisturizing (Rose, Osmanthus) by zero

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Rich in skin loving nutrients obtained from luxury plants, the Lip Kissers have the Properties of anti-oxidation, smoothening lip lines and pigmentations which keep your lips moisturized and hydrated for a whole day. In replace of beeswax, floral waxes contribute floral scents and skin caring benefits; and, it’s vegan. With the Lip Kissers nourishing and protecting your lips, this tiny “Magic wand” is going to change your day! All ingredients are natural and simple, no mineral oils, artificial fragrance, synthetic substances used, therefore no drying out and damaging your lips.


The Moisturizing Lip Kissers form a shield over your lips to protect your lips from the dry surrounding and keep them nourished.

  • Read Before Purchase

    • Consult professionals for advice on during/post-pregnancy or allergies prior to purchase. Even natural plants and herbs can trigger certain kinds of medical problems.
    • Zero promotes ‘Heal with Nature’, strengthens and maintains from inside and out, and this is a progress that takes time. Patience is the key to beautiful and healthy skin.
  • Notice

    **All of the ingredients are extracted from plants and herbs from Mother Nature. No artificial preservatives, fragrance, colorants and other additives.


    These soaps are:
    - All Natural 
    - Detergent Free 
    - Parabens Free
    - Recyclable and reusable packagi