Camellia Argan Liquid Gold Soap by zero

Camellia Argan Liquid Gold Soap by zero

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This soap is extremely gentle and nourishing with the corporations of our diamond and gold(Argan and Camellia oil), it's a great face and body wash, even shampoo! With the scent of frankincense essential oil, let’s enjoy a relaxing showering or bathing experience while taking good care of your skin. 

It’s a wonderful shampoo bar given it’s a local treasure of Chinese women that they have been using this magical oil and the powder of its seed for hair wash and care for generations, and this routine has never been broken! 

In this formula, we added over 40% of the liquid gold—argan oil to up this soap of its nourishing quality a whole new level! This soap is suitable for all skin types especially sensitive skin and baby. We added a hint of frankincense essential oil for the soothing scent and its healing, caring, and hair loss preventing properties.

With continuing use, you will find your skin smoother and young with fewer wrinkles, tighter pores, brighter and firmer. And your hair will be shinier, the oil production in your scalp will be at a perfect balance, you will realize you don’t need as much hair products as you have always used to!

We formulated all our oil based items with Camellia Oil and Argan Oil, the perfect combination of liquid gold from countries which are full of beauty wisdom.

  • Read Before Purchase


    • Consult professionals for advice on during/post-pregnancy or allergies prior to purchase. Even natural plants and herbs can trigger certain kinds of medical problems.
    • Zero promotes ‘Heal with Nature’, strengthens and maintains from inside and out, and this is a progress that takes time. Patience is the key to beautiful and healthy skin.
  • Notice

    **All of the ingredients are extracted from plants and herbs from Mother Nature. No artificial preservatives, fragrance, colorants and other additives.


    These soaps are:
    - All Natural 
    - Detergent Free 
    - Parabens Free
    - Recyclable and reusable packaging

  • Ingredient list

    This is a natural vegan soap bar made by me with 100% all natural ingredients (except lye).  

    - Camellia Oil
    - Argan Oil
    - Apricot Kernal Oil
    - Shea Butter
    - Sodium Hydroxide
    - Camellia Hydrosol (Camellia Floral Water)
    - Frankincense Essential Oil

  • Benefits of our ingredients:

    A rare oil extracted from its nuts in Morocco having long been used by the natives for dietary supplements and skin treatments such as rashes and wounds. Its high content of essential fatty acid, vitamins, and antioxidants helps moisturizing skin and smoothing wrinkles and healing wounds. Also, it improves skin cells’ permeability and increases the absorption for other nutrients. It is excellent for face, hair, nails, as well as your body and foot.

    Camellia (Oleifera) 
    Highly moisturizing and nourishing, this oil is rich in vitamins, oleic acid, linoleic acid, and other antioxidants, it is generally used by Chinese and Japanese on as hair and face oil to treat acne, rashes and moisturize their skin and hair. Camellia Oleifera oil is magical on soothing wrinkles and fine lines; not only does it not clog pores thanks to its high linoleic acid contents, but it also eliminates the size of pores giving you a youthful skin.

    Apricot Kernal Oil

    Shea Butter
    Shea butter contains a high amount of oleic acid, vitamin A and vitamin E that effectively moisturize skin, hair, and scalp; and it can remove scars and reduce redness and dryness. Plus, its anti-inflammato