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Five Reasons Why Face Oils Maybe Be A Better Option

Updated: Jul 16, 2019

When it comes to caring for skin, there is a common misconception of oil clogging pores making face greasy, and causing breakout. We often choose products that contain less oil to avoid the aforementioned concerns. Luckily, face oil is becoming more and more popular and understood. People now are more willing to let go of their bias on oil being greasy on skin and put it on their face. And they love it!

I’ve been using face oil for over 5 years, and I haven’t to able to return to my old routine ever since. I must say I appreciate it so much that I’ve finally found it, like my significant other.

I used to have dermatology disorders during my teenage cause by massive commercial skincare product damages(you have no idea how much they can do). Acne, eczema, dryness, itchiness, etc, and I never found a solution until one day I tried this plain gift from Mother Nature, miracle happened and life changed(No exaggeration).

Enough about my personal story, now let’s discover why face oil is medicine for skin.

1. Natural and Pure

Unlike creams and lotions, face oil shouldn't contain minerals oils. All oils should be extracted from different parts of plants(sometimes from animals) such like leaves, flowers, tree trunks, fruits, and seeds, and the face oils made by them should be pure without any additives.

2. Use Less Get More

Face oil is the combination of several natural oils and extract; it has a high nutrient density, which means a few drops of it provide enough nutrients and moisture to the skin. You can adjust the amount of oil on the skin depending on the weathers, so it fits you 365 days all around the world.

3. Save Money

We have mentioned before how little oil we can use for the whole effect on the skin. With the right choice of your oils, it can be used on both your face and eye area. One bottle of face oil can be your serums, lotions, and eye creams, never have your skincare routine been so simple before, right?

4. Preservatives

Bacteria and fungal need water in order to grow and reproduce, face oils don’t involve water, which makes it a bad place for them to live. That being said, face oils don’t bother with gems and bacteria, no preservatives needed. However, natural oils do expire, just don’t take too long to finish it.

5. Harmful Additives

Besides preservatives, face oils are free of many other substances added to creams and lotions that can harm your skin. For instance, consistency control, emulsifier, dye, and pigments, fragrance, etc. These are added for better appearances and better feeling regardless of whether they are good for your skin.


This article isn’t meant to fight against creams and lotions, I use my handmade creams or lotions from time to time. But the purpose is to get more of you a chance to know more about face oil and consider it a better choice for some of you. There’s no absolute way to achieve healthy skin, some people find it great with commercial products because they fit their needs; others like me prefer natural face oil for simpler and purer way to nourish their skin.


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