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  1. Are all of our products natural?
    All products are formulated with ingredientsextracted from the nature, no artificial pesticide, fragrance, colorant, and other additives. Or handmade soaps are handmade by us and the ingredients are 100% from the Mother Nature (except sodium hydroxide).

  2. What’s so special about Zero?
    All our products are based with the essence of plants. We formulate our products with high quality Camillia oil and Argan oil, after continuously experiments and tests, we thrive to take care of your skin by providing nutrients and strengthening your skin. 

  3. What’s so special about Argan oil & Camellia oil?
    Argan oil is a luxury oil used by the natives for skin treatments such as rashes and wounds. Its high content of essential fatty acid, vitamins, and antioxidants helps moisturizing skin, smoothing wrinkles and healing acne. Also, it improves skin cells’ permeability and increases the absorption for other nutrients. It is excellent for face, hair, nails, as well as the body and foot. Another gift from heaven—Camellia oil, is rich in vitamins, oleic acid, linoleic acid, and other antioxidants, it is generally used in Asia as hair and face oil to treat acne, rashes and moisturize their skin and hair. Camellia oil is a magic on soothing wrinkles and fine lines; not only does it not clog pores thanks to its high linoleic acid contents, but it also eliminates the size of pores giving you a youthful skin.

  4. If the ingredients are so luxury, are the products expensive?
    Zero doesn’t spend a lot of money on advertising and marketing, nor do we on package designs; we want the value of our products presented on the quality and benefits instead. You won’t pay too much for our products with such high-end ingredients

  5. Zero’s products look very simple and ordinary. 
    Yes, Simplicity is what we believe. We put our effort on our product formulas, the ingredients and their quality, rather than a fancy, engaging appearances, the “inside” of it is what’s attractive. Zero follows the principle of “using”, we might get bored of the appearances, but we never of the benefits and effects.


  6. Is your packing eco friendly?
    We pack all Zero’s products with recyclable materials. We take from the Mother Nature, it’s non sense if we do not protect her. For instants: our soap box can be reused as a soap tray.

  7. Why don’t I see results soon?
    Zero promotes “Heal With Nature”, our products strengthen, nourish. Natural products tend to work less urging than commercial chemical products, yet do not harm our skin in anyways. Our products take care of the foundation of your skin, repair and transform your skin from inside out.

  8. Do natural products cause allergy?
    Allergy is the term describing substances our body is intolerant with. Please consult a professional for allergens and usage during and post pregnancy because natural substances can cause allergy or other health problems.

  9. What are handmade soaps for?
    Generally, handmade soaps can be used on the whole body (hair, face, body, foot), as well as houseworks. Some formulas have certain additives added for specific functions and effects. 

  10. What good do handmade soaps do for our hair?
    Commercial cleaning products are added with lots of synthetic substances which are unnecessary and even unwanted to our body. One of the most common ingredients in commercial shampoos is silicone that acts as a lubricant to make our hair feels silky. However, silicone clog pores and dry out our scalp and hair causing hair loss in different levels. Our handmade soaps are sourced from the nature, the substances within are either wanted by our body or can be degraded naturally. Not only is it safe to us and the nature, but also beneficial to us. 

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